Feed My Sheep


 The Feed My Sheep program at St Paul’s is made up of 11 teams of about 3-4 women who are on a rotating schedule. These teams work together to offer a meal to a church member who has had a death in their immediate family, been hospitalized and returned home, when a new baby is born, or is dealing with other life circumstances and in need of parish support. As one team is called, we move to the next team for the next need. This way each team hopefully will only be called to prepare a meal 2-3 times a year!

At this time, we are in need of new volunteers who are able to serve on a team to help put together a meal which will be delivered by the team captain. Teams are able to divide the work with each team member taking one aspect of the meal. If you would be willing to do this PLEASE let Gwen Temple or Sandra Elledge know! We will gladly place you on a team!

Feed My Sheep is organized by 4 Shepherds who take a 3 month rotation: Margo Hurd, Kendall Forester, Sandra Elledge and Gwen Temple. Shepherd names are listed on the monthly Sunday Servants Schedule found in the newsletter and on our website. If you know of a need please contact the current Shepherd or the church office!