What does “Episcopalian” mean?

The Episcopal Church is incarnational. This means that while we hold that God was fully incarnate in Jesus, God is also within every human being. Further, we believe that God created life in this world as fundamentally good, despite any human choices to the contrary. Thus, Episcopalians are devoted to stewardship of the earth, social responsibility, and to “seeking out and serving Christ in all persons,” as the Baptismal promise declares. The Episcopal Church is liturgical. In sacraments, symbols, and prayers, we seek awareness of the presence of God in our lives. Sacraments are visible signs of inward and invisible grace. The Episcopal Church is scriptural. It encourages each person’s critical study of the Scripture following one’s own conscience and guided by the wisdom found in traditional and contemporary thinking and interpretation. The Episcopal Church is inclusive, following the example of Jesus Christ, who preached loving inclusion, and against division. In that spirit, we invite all baptized persons to the Eucharist and share a profound dialogue with Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, American Indians, and others. We are called to be of one heart, if not necessarily one mind, because we come from one heart. This principle leads us to habits of open-mindedness, patience, and listening. We seek common prayer, not common doctrine. The Episcopal Church is a community of service. Following the example of Jesus, we approach the path of life by coming “not to be served, but to serve.” Social, political, and charitable actions reflect this spiritual imperative. The Episcopal Church is aesthetic. We have a strong respect for the beauty of holiness and of virtue. In art and music, we seek quality because through them we express spiritual and ethical values. The Episcopal Church is moderate, affirming balance as a high virtue. We hold personal freedom and communal responsibilities in constant tension. We are Catholic and Protestant. We seek a balance between social action and quiet, personal reflection. 

St. Paul’s Mission, Vision and Values


The mission of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is to teach and preach Jesus’ message of welcome, forgiveness and abundant grace. We support one another and our neighbors in need while seeking to be a vital component of our larger community. 


St. Paul’s seeks to be a center of Christ’s love where all are cherished, where compassion guides our actions, where joy guides our worship and each person is encouraged to grow in faith. We envision a world where all know their value and worth as children of God. 




“we are all one in Christ Jesus.” 

Galatians 3:28

All are welcome to worship and participate fully in the life of St. Paul’s regardless of age, race, sexuality, gender or religious background. We value you just how God created you. 



“love one another as I have loved you.” 

John 15:12

All we do is based in love for God and one another. Our God gave up everything because of his love for us; we are commanded to love just as extravagantly. We believe love is the antidote to the violence, hate and selfishness that pervades our world. “If it’s not about love, it’s not about God.”—Presiding Bishop Michael Curry



“where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” 

Matthew 6:21 

We worship a God of abundance and we honor God when we give generously. St. Paul’s shares our beautiful spaces, our church resources and our personal finances to build up the kingdom of God. Generosity opens our hearts and frees us from greed and materialism.