Grounds of St. Paul's

The grounds of St. Paul's, with the cemetery surrounding the church, gives special meaning to the phrase "communion of saints." This arrangement follows the early English practice of placing graves around the church.

gallery/about-us/cemetary-1.gif Buried here are many early founders and their children in some cases four generations or more. Often remembered are the heroes of our wars, especially the War between The States: General James B. Gordon, Colonel William M. Barber and Colonel Hamilton Brown. In recent years, George Gordon, a veteran of the American Revolution, was moved to the Gordon plot.

On the east side are graves of the Reverend Richard Wainwright Barber, the long-time Rector of St. Paul's, and his stepson, Civil War Captain John Peden. Also in the smaller side of the churchyard is Kathleen Moore Morehouse and her husband Robert. Mrs. Morehouse was the author of the critically acclaimed book Rain on the Just , which portrayed life in the North Carolina Mountains during the Great Depression.

gallery/about-us/cemetary-2.jpg There are many graves designated only by a rock at the head and the foot. Most of these are known to be graves of slaves. The names of these people are found inside the church register, which also recorded their baptisms and confirmations. The graves, however, remain otherwise unmarked.

Please take time to wander peacefully in this serene resting place of our generations.